Cookertech offer a selection of maintenance packages designed to suit your individual requirements wether this is a complete Gold package or a straight forward Bronze package. Each package offers a full breakdown cover to the cooker placed on a maintenance contract and is not limited to the amout of times you need to call us out to carry out a repair. The following packages give you the details of cover 





Our Bronze package covers breakdown of ALL the cookers components regardless of how many times we are called out to repair the cooker within the 12 months of the contract starting. The only exclusions to the cooker being placed on a maintenance contract is if the appliance is in a poor state of repair or over 6 years old prior to the comencement of any contract. The contract covers the cost of any repairs being carried out including any parts fitted. The contract doesnt however cover the cost of malice damge to doors and ceramic tops.





Our Silver package covers all of the above in the Bronze package but also includes a full certificated annual safety inspection. This inspection would be carried on the same day as the maintenance package is drawn up and will then be carried out annualy approximately two weeks before the 12 months contract is due to expire. once retested the appliances maintenance contract can be extended for a further year so long as the exclusions do not apply.





Our Gold package is our ultimate in product maintenance, not only will you have a full 12 months breakdown cover and an annual safety inspection but the package also includes a full cooker cleaning service to give your school cooker the ultimate aftercare package. should you wish to have the full Gold package then we would initailly call out to check over the products to assess the possibility of the cookers being placed on this package. so long as both parties are happy with the terms and conditions then we will arrange a full product clean, service and inspection then your cover will begin.



In all cases we will need to call out and arrange to carry out an initial inspection of the products to verifiy the condition and allegibility of the appliance wishing to be placed on a maintenance contract with Cookertech.  This appointment can be made at a suitable time to accomodate your schools time table, this is a free service.


for more information or for us to send you an information pack simply fill in your contact details on our contacts page and someone will contact you with any information that you may require. Please give us as much information as you can regarding the amount of cookers you have both gas and electric.













Silver Package
Gold Package
Bronze Packag